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Kristen's Story

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Social by nature, inquisitive and playful, creative and energetic have always been words used to describe Kristen. Loving the smell of hair salons, the energy inside, people getting shampoo'd, chatting, feeling great and smiling were all things that drew her to follow her passion.  After college she finished beauty school and moved to Chicago to apprentice at the prestigious Marianne Strokirk Salon and transitioned from there to train with and under some of the best in the business from L.A., New York and of course here at home in Chicago where she continued to perfect her craft at Mixed Co. Salon.  When the timing aligned she stepped into a roll as Color Director at 3rd Coast Salon which is still defining itself daily as the team navigates what business looks like during Covid.  

In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, family and her dog Tito. Reading, cooking, fashion, working out, decorating, crocheting and learning new things are all hobbies and passions.  "Margaritas and Tacos aren't too far behind, it's about balance" she notes.


Kristen's Approach

Kristen aims to create a custom luxury hair color experience without the pretentious attitude.  Driven by beautiful hair and the authentic relationship with the person wearing it - she is committed to being honest about what will look best on you and what maintenance looks like. Forever keeping up with modern education, she offers change as trends arise but understands that sometimes no change is necessary to keep you looking up to date and your best. Kristen feels fortunate to be able to refer to her calling as "work" and truly loves her craft. As part of a team in salon she prides herself in building up others and cheering others in the industry on.  "We really are working in a different environment these days, one where we celebrate each other and share our tricks of the trade.  I love it!" 

Making you look your best is simply what Kristen aims for, she naturally brings a relaxed and unpretentious but professional approach to every client experience making you feel your best too.  For her it's about good people, fun times and beautiful personalized hair color.  She makes sure to carve out ample time to give you her undivided attention from start to finish with the goal being to have you leaving feeling confident, light and in love with your hair.  

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